A docker image, with the testnet swarm, and factomd within it.

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This script will build a docker swarm, within a docker container. You can use the hosts network, or if your host has multiple IP's, one of those to allow you to run multiple nodes in isolation.

  • Automated Updates
  • iptables integration
  • Optional IP Isolation.
  • Optional factom_walletd.
  • Run factom-cli commands.

Getting started

git clone https://git.factoid.org/TFA/factom-testnet-swarm-image
cd factom-testnet-swarm-image

Make sure you have curl and jq installed

apt install curl jq

Before you run for the first time...

  • If you have existing volumes, load those into docker.
  • Or, if you have an existing factomd.conf, copy into this directory
  • Or, rename factomd.conf.EXAMPLE to factomd.conf, and edit.

    cp config.txt_EXAMPLE config.txt
    cp iptables.sh_EXAMPLE iptables.sh

Edit these files as desired.

Run, Update, or interact.


Follow on-screen prompts.